Open Data Store

The data store within the Bizcovery Foundation environment is a robust and open data repository.

An Open Solution. The Bizcovery data store is optimized for analysis. It is a completely open solution and supports any database that supports an ODBC connection, JDBC connection, Oracle OCI, Java, etc.

Supports Distributed Computing. Bizcovery supports distributed computing by allowing different analytic applications or application platform components to be distributed to different servers in different physical locations. This feature allows separation and deployment of the total Bizcovery analytic solution to separate servers in order to optimize system performance. For example, Bizcovery data stores may be distributed to servers in Europe and the U.S. in order to accommodate peak usage times in each region.

Supports Heterogeneous Environments. Bizcovery also allows different analytic applications to "push" or "pull" data from different types of data stores. For example, a customer may wish to deploy the Bizcovery Sales module to an MS SQL Server data store because their instance of Clarify is currently deployed to an MS SQL Server database. However, this customer may also wish to deploy the Bizcovery E-Commerce module to an Oracle data store. Bizcovery Foundation allows this combination of heterogeneous data stores.

This feature provides great flexibility and is especially beneficial in corporate mergers in which the merged corporations' front and back office operational applications reside on a heterogeneous set of databases. Corporations with departmental IT groups that have different database standards also derive significant benefit from Bizcovery's heterogeneous data store functionality.

Supports Data Export to Reporting Tools. Bizcovery may be implemented to coexist with reporting tools through the open data store. Technical power users may access Bizcovery's application specific data models in the data store to perform analysis and create complex reports using reporting tools such as Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy, or Actuate. Data may be exported from the open data store to these reporting tools. In this way, Bizcovery applications enable a new class of business user to perform analysis, and enhance the utility of reporting tools without restricting traditional power users from performing department specific analysis.

Diagramming Tool Integration. Diagramming tools (e.g., Visio) may link to the Bizcovery data models to allow administrators to view data model structures.

Through distributed computing capabilities, support for heterogeneous environments and database and reporting tool integration the Bizcovery data store is the most flexible, robust and open repository in the market today.


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